Although India is the fastest-growing economy in the world, grabbing a piece of its luxury market is more difficult than anticipated. What worked in other emerging markets will surely not work in India


Widely recognized as India’s foremost authority on luxury retail and brand strategy, Abhaya Gupta has a multitude of expertise. In this capacity, he pursues a plethora of activities including writing, advisory, public speaking, thought leadership and philanthropy.

In his efforts to promote and educate the nation about luxury brands and lifestyle, he has founded Luxury Connect LLP, Luxury Connect Business School and Luxury Cruxx.
Luxury Connect is firmly positioned as India’s go to Luxury Knowledge Company.
Luxury Connect Business Schoolis India’s first and only luxury business school.
Luxury Cruxx curates and disseminates reports, analytics, trend forecast and analytics.

A Marshall Goldsmith stakeholder–centred certified coach, he is also the President of Centre for Education Growth & Research, Delhi NCR Chapter and an advisor to – ‘Promising Indians’, ‘Behind The Ramp’ & ‘Modestreet Fashions’.
In his prior avatar, Gupta led the franchise tie-up with luxury fashion brands like Gianni Versace; Versace Jeans; Versace Collection; Corneliani; Gian Franco ferre (Licensing) & Lacoste. Gupta has created a multitude of revolutionary ideas –launch of Versace mobile phones, BLUES HOMES; Six unique concepts including VERSACE HOME, concept brands like ‘Bench & Bar’; and ‘SuMisura’ amongst others.

Awarded as the ‘Luxury Retail Icon of the Year 2012’, Gupta has since been listed amongst ‘Indian Luxury’s top 100’ for several years in a row. Accolades across Asia, GCC and South Africa have also been part of his journey.


Read about the finest details about this mystical yet unavoidable bazaar. Learn why this is a market which just cannot be ignored by any brand at any level of positioning. See how the future is likely to unfold, the projections, the cities, and why Indians are slowly but surely adapting to a complete luxury lifestyle across sectors. Know about the journey of key international and Indian brands operating here.

From consumers and their complexities to the challenges and their solutions, the book suggests it all. A success model developed through research is the suggested route to adopt. A cheat sheet to a wonderful career is a bonus for those who wish to work in this space.

There is more in it for you.

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Corona Virus & it's impact on Indian Luxury Market


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What was Western luxury brands’ biggest consumer base during the time of India’s maharajas and nawabs is once again the target market for the same brands. This time, it is the new maharaja, the new corporate HENRY, the new young pulsating India, that is driving sales of luxury goods. Brands simply need to adopt and service them differently.

You’ll Learn

  • About the past, present and future of luxury industry in India.
  • The types and complexities of the Indian luxury consumers.
  • The key challenges and their solutions.
  • The success model to adopt
  • The key qualities required to be a luxury manager in India.
A VAST NATION, rising incomes, multitude of cultures, unity in diversity and a majorly young population makes India a distinct consumer base for global luxury brands and retailers.

In this book, You will discover

  • The attractiveness of this market.
  • The pitfalls and how to circumvent them.
  • How to deal with the various types of people who consumer luxury.
  • How to make a successful and profitable business.
  • Perfect tips and step-by-step guidance on a successful career in this trade.
Brands focusing on an India-specific strategy and connecting with the local Indian consumer will triumph in the coming years. Luxury from the maharaja to masses is here to stay.

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