Global economy has expanded beyond anyone’s dreams and one no longer competes just with colleagues or alumni. The current business environment requires professionals to not only be adept with theoretical knowledge but also be ready with practical, implementable skills. With mounting pressures on businesses to improve bottom lines and reduce costs, companies are aggressively searching for professionals or graduates who have invested in developing their own skills prior to being on boarded into an organization. Pursuing further education is a great way for professionals to enhance their skills and move up the corporate ladder. However, time being a constraint, developing new skills becomes a challenge for most. Pursuing a full-time Post graduation or MBA while pursuing career goals becomes difficult for most.

Full time courses can easily take up to 2 or 3 years to complete due to heavy curriculum and the vast subject matter. Due to the demanding course, students often need to spend extra time beyond the stipulated hours to understand concepts better for practical application. Put all together, it can take a huge toll on the students. Executive courses are placed perfectly in the middle to fill the gap. One can pursue an executive course without taking a break or worse quitting their jobs. So while time and effort saved are two important aspects of Executive courses, here is our list of reasons why you should consider an executive course:

  1. Great Value Add To Your CV

Certification from an executive course is a great addition to your CV. It shows that you are a serious professional focussed on furthering your career and learning new skills to achieve that goal shows that you are adept at learning and open to change. Qualities greatly appreciated in practitioners by employers.

  1. Career change Opportunities

For professionals who have been working in a specific field for years, making a career change to another line of work can be extremely difficult since most companies prefer to hire professionals with prior experience in the domain. Executive courses are perfect for this transition. Designed to teach specific skill sets in a short period of time, executive courses can help professionals master the required skills and be successful in their future roles.

  1. Immediate reward for you and the employer

With each class that you attend, you walk away with real world skills applicable at work immediately. Instead of walking away to pursue further education, you can actually become a valuable asset for the organization simply because of the new found skills that will help you stand out in the crowd. This then becomes a value proposition for your employer and you. This would lead to benefits such as better raise, promotion or even better career opportunities not available previously.

A New Perspective: A Career Choice with unlimited potential

Luxury Industry has been booming in India since 2012. Every luxury brand nationally and internationally is vying for a piece of the $30 Billion pie which is touted to be worth $180 Billion by 2025. This puts forward a unique challenge for luxury brands in India. The rapid growth and expansion into tier II and tier III cities have been at a slower than expected rate due to the lack of trained professionals who can take up the role of pushing the brand forward. Those who pursue a career in the industry will get great exposure and see a fast career progression since the industry is at a rapid growth phase

How does one enhance their skills to prepare for the Luxury industry?

Luxury Connect Business School offers an Executive Diploma in Luxury Management. The students spend 22 weeks learning in India. Also, as part of the program, they have an option of travel to International University Partners for two weeks. Although optional, the tour is a great way to immerse oneself in the world of luxury and truly understand what it means to be a professional in the luxury industry.

The course has been designed by luxury experts from the industry and luxury professors who have years of experience in the subject matter. The course allows professionals to study while they continue their professions. This is the main reason why students have preferred to take part in our course. The program provides you with the opportunity to learn from professionals in the luxury industry with decades of experience, luxury brand leaders and creators. You get to gain hands-on knowledge of the major aspects of luxury through active real-time participation and projects.

Executive Diploma in Luxury Management program by Luxury Connect Business School provides specialized skills and leadership qualities that provide a competitive advantage in the dynamic global business environment. The program is flexible as well as interactive and is the ideal career solution for working professionals and fresh graduates who are looking to accelerate career and job opportunities.

Executive courses are perfect for the top and middle management working executives who wish to accelerate their career. At the same time, those desirous of a career change or who are fascinated by the luxury industry, Executive Diploma in Luxury Management (EDLM) is the way to develop skill sets required in the premium and luxury retail industry. The program not only enhances your expertise in the luxury management field but also will be a tool to avoid stagnation in your career!

What makes luxury connect business school unique in this regard is the industry connect. With its strong affiliations in the luxury industry, LCBS offers students opportunities to interact with industry brand leaders & professionals in an informal manner. Students get to meet, discuss, exchange notes, share ideas and learn from the real-time experience of these senior stalwarts.

  • Luxury Connect Business School is India’s First And Only Luxury Business School

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