“The luxury business is perceived as a $14.5 billion market in India, growing at a rate of 20-30% yearly”.

Whenever you hear the word luxury, ” fancy sports car, expensive watches collection, clothes, models, jewellery, and luxurious items and services come to your mind. The luxury industry is a lucrative career option for individuals wishing to earn well and enjoy a lavish lifestyle.

Due to the rise in inflation, people are curbing their spending, but wealthy shoppers continue spending on luxurious items such as electronic gadgets, luxury cars, jewellery & precious stones, and lifestyle goods.

There has been an 80% increase in iPhone sales after the lockdown in India. So as per reports and market graphs, luxury goods appear recession-proof, and there is an enormous possibility of growth in the luxury industry.


You need to acquire luxury brand strategy skills to understand the luxury business and start your career in the luxury industry. It is also beneficial for entrepreneurs looking for business opportunities in this domain. Get guidance and support from a luxury expert, who has three decades of expertise in luxury business management.


  • Strategic Management & Business Advisory: With the advancement in technology and shift in consumer behaviours, huge changes have occurred in marketing, branding, and communication. Get business guidance in planning and strategy management from luxury expert.
  • Statutory Compliances Management: The Indian market has lured many global brands competing to dominate the market. But many times, they create controversies due to poor statutory compliances. Learn Statutory compliance management from the luxury expert.
  • Talent Management: The success and growth of an organization depend on the right team player. Get assistance and guidance in talent management from luxury expert.
  • Luxury Brand Management: A brand identity is the key to success in the luxury industry. Many reputed brands spend millions on marketing and advertising to build brand value.
  • Customer Service Excellence: Customer service is something you can’t ignore in the luxury industry. Get corporate training for your employees from luxury experts to enhance your customer service.
  • Operational Excellence: Get a luxury expert’s best market segment analysis to reduce your operational cost and increase growth.
  • Brand Identity Creation: Create your luxury brand and beat your competitors with guidance in strategy formation, brand building, and marketing practices.
  • Recruiting & Talent Attraction: Learn good business practices from luxury experts and improve your business growth. It will help you find the right talent for your business and reduce the attrition rate.
  • Profit & Loss: Profit & loss are a part of a business, and you must be prepared for both when starting and running a new venture.
  • Leadership And Management: A luxury coach helps you to develop leadership qualities and assists you in managing luxury businesses.


With three decades of rich expertise in luxury management, Abhay Gupta is an encyclopaedia of luxury business in India. He is the Founder & CEO of Luxury Connect & Luxury Connect Business School besides being a Certified Marshall Goldsmith Coach.

He is an advisor & mentor to top luxury brands in the country. He also authored a book, “The Incredible Indian Luxury Bazaar,” which is a complete guide to the Indian Luxury business. He is among the top business mentors in India.


Q. What is Luxury Coaching?

Ans. Luxury coaching allows you to make a professional career in the luxury industry. You will learn from top industry professionals and get guidance to start your venture in the luxury industry.

Q. How can a luxury coach help me to grow my Business?

Ans. A luxury coach helps you manage operations, create strategies, organize your luxury business, and help you solve business challenges.

Q. What are the Benefits of using a luxury coach?

Ans. A luxury coach will support and guide you in solving problems and increasing your luxury business knowledge.

Q. Why do I need a luxury coach?

Ans. You need a luxury coach to help you build leadership qualities, widen your professional network, and maximize your luxury business performance.

Q. How do I find and choose a luxury coach?

Ans. Check their profile and the industry experience they have in the luxury business domain. Always prefer a person who has achieved the level you wish to achieve.