Do you see yourself working for the luxury industry with prominent brands such as Gucci, Prada, Aston Martin, or Versace to name a few? Are you a working professional in need of additional career skills to fasten your career growth? The Luxury industry is one such industry that has seen rapid growth in India and is touted to grow ten-fold by 2025 and would be worth $180 billion as per a recent report. A strong industry to become a part of, the luxury industry has proven to be recession-proof and is growing steadily, especially in India. Worldwide, the industry has grown by leaps and bounds offering professionals options for international stints as well. Clearly, luxury brands offer great career opportunities to professionals that are serious about building a career in the stellar industry.

While most working professionals or students looking to add new skills in their repertoire find it difficult to pursue a full-time course. Online courses are placed perfectly to address this challenge. However, just pursuing an online course may not be enough. One needs to keep in mind what the course offers, the course creator’s credibility and additionally what value does the online course offer. This holds true, especially for a luxury management course. Unlike other online courses which might focus on specific skills, luxury brand managers need to be great in personality and in their ability to act as subject matter experts. Hence, one must look to pursue an online course in luxury brand management which has been created by someone of repute.  

But Why Luxury Management?

Unlike other management fields, the Luxury management courses offer students skills and opportunities to work in the most premium brands in the world. While other brands may come and go, most luxury brands have been around for more than a century now. With that history, luxury brands have a reputation to maintain that needs to be upheld by its professionals. The brands demand their professionals to have a dynamic personality, should be ready to handle various types of customers, deliver extraordinary service and most importantly act as the brand ambassador for the brand with in-depth knowledge of the most intricate details about the products of the brand.

What should students look for in an online luxury management course?

Luxury management Online courses are perfect for those desirous of looking for opportunities in the luxury industry but do not have the luxury of time to pursue a full-time course. Since the market has observed the popularity of luxury products, a lucrative career can always make aspirants successful. There are many opportunities in the market as people become passionate about what they want to pursue. So, here are some reasons for pursuing the course:

Scope – Immense scope exists in the market once a person has successfully completed the course. One can choose to use the certification to pursue a job in any of the fields in the luxury industry such as marketing, logistics, customer service or sales.

Value – Regardless of your experience, a course from a well-known luxury business school adds oodles of value to your resume and can take you through various aspects associated with luxury brands and services.

Best practices – As a candidate moves ahead with knowledge of heritage brands, they develop the skills required to excel in the industry. Learnings from the course can actually help a student or professional succeed in the relevant market segments which may not be possible for someone who has the experience but not the knowledge needed for the industry. A certification from an online course can actually open such avenues for professionals.

Which Luxury Management Online course to pursue?

Choosing an online luxury management course program is an important decision and should not be taken lightly. There are a few available online, however, there are multiple factors one must consider prior to enrolling in one:

Course Authors: Would you rather pursue a course from a business school that offers a luxury management course as an additional offering or choose a luxury business school focussed on luxury industry only. The choice is obvious here. Additionally, you must also look at what kind of experience do the course authors carry. It’s best to pursue a course created by a luxury industry professionals who have decades of experience in not just working in the luxury industry but actually leading the business.

Ecosystem: What kind of additional support does the course creator offer? Do you get options to get additional doubts cleared? How about getting guidance about how to use the knowledge to start a career in the Luxury industry?

Technology: A lot of online courses need you to log in from your laptop and study. This reduces the option of studying as per your convenience. The online course must be mobile friendly and should be available even when you only have low download speeds available.

Luxury Brand Management Online Course is one such course that ticks all the boxes. A course offered by Luxury Connect Business School. The course is based on the decades of professional experience of launching, scaling and expanding multiple luxury brands in India. Additionally, LCBS offers supplementary learning support beyond the online course for those truly desirous of launching their career in the luxury industry. The course already has helped various professionals to enhance their career based on the unique learning only available with the Luxury Brand Management Online Course.

Why the Luxury Brand Management Online Course By LCBS Is The Best Choice?

The online course is ideal for working executives with two to three years of experience, who have entered or wish to enter the luxury industry without any prior education on the subject and have a keen interest to develop their skills and knowledge further in the luxury business. This program will help the person brush up on their luxury knowledge; gain insights from both local and global perspective, which in turn will increase their credibility. The program will be most advantageous for junior employees aiming to upscale their position in their own organization or with the next employer. The objective is to share insights from the very basics of luxury to merchandising to fashion – to all the different segments. They are then exposed to the retail part of the industry before touching base on the financial and the creation of a brand and then a company.

Post completion of the course, on would be able to understand how the senior personnel manage, strategize and implement business models specific to the luxury industry in India. It will further enable them to realize their own potential and help them explore other luxury segments as well. It will enhance their quick knowledge in all the stages and the objective test at the end of the sessions will give them the confidence in how much luxury knowledge they have acquired. KRA’s of positions such as a Brand Country Head, Brand Manager, Marketing Manager, Buyer, Merchandiser and Visual Merchandiser are explained in depth for the candidate to evaluate employment opportunities in the luxury field.

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